Welcome to the Bournemouth Cornish Association website




President:   Mr William Sweet


Vice President:  Mr Mike Mansfield


Immediate Past President:  Mr Peter Hambly


Hon. Secretary:   Mrs Anne Parsons


Hon. Treasurer:  Mrs Nina Philp


Membership Secretary:  Mr William Sweet





 Mrs Jenny Maddock


Mr Aubrey Lane


Mr Bob Cooper


Mrs Alison Mansfield




Since 1921 the Bournemouth Cornish Association has existed in order to draw together Cornish exiles in the Bournemouth area.  It seeks to promote friendship and enjoy Cornish culture in an alien environment.   Highlights include pasty suppers and the annual dinner.   There are strong links with other Cornish exile groups, especially the Caledonian and Welsh.


The Association meets most months in the Moose Hall,  Malmesbury Park Road  Charminster.   See the Programme for more information.


New members are always most welcome so come on all you cousin Jacks and Jennys in Bournemouth and join us.


For further details please see the Contact Us page.